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My Unexciting Life

This ones going to be pretty short, and probably deleted later.This past week or two has been pretty hectic with life, work, school and LIFE. I’ve had no time to write anything so I’m hoping to get something out later today being that I’m at my weekend desk job…(it sounds fancy,but I just collect money at the gate of an off-road park.

Im without a phone because mine shattered and the backup phone I have doesn’t like me and won’t let me into it…( I know what you’re thinking…It’s not stolen).

My shin got attacked by a forklift step at work this week. Basically, i missed the step when jumping up and now I have two knee caps for the week:) Fortunately, nothing broke, shattered, or killed me like I thought it had for a moment.

Split is a very good movie. The acting is superb and the movie kept me wondering what would happen next. Next I plan to see Patriot’s Day because Mark Wahlberg is a pretty bad dude, probably my favorite actor.

My craving lately has been Jack-in-the-Box. EWW right?! I used to think so too.I LOVE their tacos. I have no clue what the hell they’re made of, but they are a very cheap and delicious snack. Usually I throw in a side of curly fries because they have curly fries.


How was your week? Anything crazy happen? I’d love to hear about it. Have a blessed day world.




Hello everyone, welcome to 2017. My names Chris and im new to this.

2 thoughts on “My Unexciting Life

  1. Hey there!
    Found you through Community Pool.
    Before I say anything, you should know that Mark Wahlberg is one of my favorite actors as well! 😀 Your blog looks promising and emanates a rather positive vibe, I don’t even know why! I’ve read some of your work and like it so far.

    Although I would suggest you to make an ‘About’ Page. It’s one of the greatest ways to engage your audience. You can have a look at mine to get an idea.
    Following you to see what your blog holds!

    -Aakansha. 🙂


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