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Truth be Told

Last night Ana and I had some heart to heart conversation. Different things here and there about what bothers us about the other. Nothing a relationship shouldn’t have. Just the ugly truth.It kept me up last night thinking was I wrong for anything I said?

You can’t be wrong for being honest. Or can you? Well I’d say no unless your being honest about something you shouldn’t have done. Then it’s somewhat wrong right??

I find our conversation kind of humorous, even though it sounds a bit mean. She asked me things like, would you tell me if I was getting fat?” My answer… ” yeah probably, if it were the truth.” Truth be told I don’t lie. Believe me I would never  just come out and tell a women she’s fat, but I wouldn’t lie to make her feel good. Then she wouldn’t change her ways.She followed up with, ” that’s kind of mean”..”yeah, I guess it is, but I wouldn’t lie to you.” She’s not getting fat, but she now knows if ever become,she’s getting the truth plain and dry.

We can get pretty open sometimes. She asked me if she was a good kisser or something like that, ” I told her I give it a 4″. I was joking of course.. I said, “the best.” She asked,” did you ever tell any of your exes the same thing”…”yeah, probably.” She didn’t like that either.Honestly, I could say she is the best I’ve been with, but at some point I could’ve said it before she came along. Nothing wrong there just being honest. She asked the question so it was fair I give her an honest answer.

Don’t live in the past. Live for today, tomorrow, and the next. You can’t change what happened yesterday. Communicate with others.. And be honest..its not always easy, but if it backfires at least you have some peace of mind.There’s my spill on the truth. It’s only as ugly as you take it.



Hello everyone, welcome to 2017. My names Chris and im new to this.

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