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About Me

I’m just your ordinary 20 year old college student. Right now I’m studying marketing and business. My interests include sports, fitness, outdoors, movies, and music. I’m a quiet person with a million thoughts flowing through my mind each and every moment. That is what my blog is for. To inspire, motivate, entertain, and to see other people’s perspective of things.The following pictures represent my life and all of what makes me who I am.


Ana and I


Adventures and hobbies



  • Find fame. I don’t want rockstar fame. I just want to be remembered as a person who made a true impact on others.
  • Stay fit, stay healthy, don’t make excuses. Just a thought.. When something gets bad just remember being nailed to a cross must’ve hurt pretty bad too.
  • Speaking of.. Live through the lord. Learn from my mistakes and show others that they can do the same.
  • I want to start travelling. Being 20 and paying rent and other various bills and payments might delay it , but I will trvel the world one day.
  • My dream from age 4 was to play NFL football and buy my mom a log cabin. I failed on my part, but I still fully intend to keep my promise. One day I’m going to build it for her. Fun fact: She’s German and loves log cabins.

Thanks for reading. I tried to keep it somewhat short, so if anyone has questions I’ll be glad to share. Have a blessed day everyone😇



Hello everyone, welcome to 2017. My names Chris and im new to this.

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey, I like your blog! There aren’t many male bloggers out there so it’s always great to hear from one. It adds some much needed perspective to this female dominated corner of the internet. I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts! Maybe one day you could do a guest post on my blog about life as a twenty-something. It would add something that it’s lacking right now, which is opinions from the male point of view.


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