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Weekend Report

I guess many Universities began their Spring semester last week because I got to enjoy reading about everyones thrill for syllabus days..Well, not quite. Everyone dreads the first few days of a new semester. I’ll admit they are boring and manotinous, but the teacher is handing you the golden ticket for passing her class.


Friday night was real eventful. Aside, from a glorious dinner date with my wonderful girlfriend. It consisted of playing madden all night and sharing thoughts on life with my roommate Robert. I wish I could say I had something to take away from this, but there’s not much. If anything it’s to watch your step (He slipped and fell in cowshit). It’s all shits and giggles until someone falls in the stuff.


Saturday afternoon when I woke up,yes I said afternoon, I was determined to get something done, anything.. So I threw my laundry in the washer which provides about 45 minutes of procrastination. It’s been cold and rainy here in Texas so there’s not much anyone wants to do outside. I decided to do a light home workout, followed by about a mile and a half run down our road. The aches and pains of Sunday morning remind me that the hard work pays off. Time to go back to being a workout junkie. I met a pretty girl at the end of my run..It was Ana so no worries. She was headed home from work so she saved me the 1.5 mile run back to the house.

I felt the need to separate Saturday up a bit. Yesterday evening my buddy had his going away party. He’s headed to the U.S. Army. “Cole Harris, proud of you brother, and good luck.” I hope he finds what he’s looking for. We spent much of our childhood finding mischief and the bottom of a bottle. Just a couple kids trying to have fun, and we were good at that. I saw a new Cole last night. He looked happy, maybe a little anxious, but like he’s ready for a new start. He was never the most liked kid in school and isn’t very smart . I asked him why he was going to see if it was for the right reasons. He told me,” I just want to make a difference and start on a new path.”


Following the party we headed home to watch some red-box movies. We got Lights Out which was pretty good. Good enough I think Robert was low-key worried. I noticed an extra light on while he was sleeping later that night. We also watched the new Blair Which Project. Wouldn’t waste your time on this one. It’s bad, and right when you get to that, “It’s sucked for 15 minutes, lets find a new movie”, it got half way descent, until you got so far into it, it was worth seeing the sucky ending. Also note, watched Swiss Army Man Friday night. THE WORST movie I’ve ever seen. It’s completely stupid and I have no idea how it won any movie awards. It is not beautiful, it’s absolute trash.


It’s currently Sunday morning and I’m working an Off-road Park. Kind of a side job of mine. With the Cowboys playing today, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have NFL Sunday Ticket. I’ll for sure be watching from my laptop here at work. Hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend as much as I did mine. Find the right path and see where it takes you.




Hello everyone, welcome to 2017. My names Chris and im new to this.

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