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Why Blog?

Over the past week since I started this blog I’ve taken alot of time to read through numerous pages and learning why some other people started blogging. Some said it was their escape from depression, some explain the hardships that come with “adulting”, some just wanna share their life story. All of which are good reads. Enough to inspire me to share what brought me here.

Highschool was a breeze for me. I didn’t study a day of my life and skipped school several times a semester, it didn’t effect my grades at all. I played football and ran track. I was one of those “cool” kids. The worst part is that I knew far too well that I was. I wasn’t stuck up or anything people just looked up to me and I used that as fuel to be “the badass” of little, Paradise High. 

I realize now that people judge you by the image they see of what you have in your life. Not by what is going on in real life. I used to wonder why people liked me because I wasn’t that really nice guy who talked to everybody. I just wanted to do my time at school and go home. In highschool people  liked me because I was athletically talented, i was taking college courses, and I could be friends with anybody. They thought I had it all figured out, and I did too. 

The plan was to go play football and be a star somewhere else. Nope. I was too big for me head, and couldn’t stay healthy. It was a bum ankle, to a pulled groin, to a broken collarbone. One thing after another. It tore me apart. I tried to be on the field hurt or not because football was all I really had. Week 7 of Senior year season would be the last time I played a snap of football. 

I remember senior night. My mom cried like I had never seen her do before. I apolagized to her and my dad priod to walking out. I was in a sling and incapable of playing, although we tried. At that point real life kicked in. I got my first test. I was sick as I walked out of the tunnel, but I knew there would be a plan for me. 

I began Community College about 2 years ago and plan to get my Associate’s Degree following this semester. People who were the best of friends to me I dont even talk to. I recently read an article that showed how people on instagram control what they want others to see, their “perfect” life. No matter what you write, it has a piece of yourself in it. Thats why I like it. It’s realistic.What I’ve learned since beginning college.

  1. Find a way to live your dream everyday.
  2. Set goals and if you fail, simply try harder, don’t make the goal easier.
  3. Live for you, not those around you. They won’t always be there. 
  4. You can’t get by in college without attending or studying. 
  5. Don’t fake a perfect life, live a realistic one. Find a way to make the world a better place.


Hello everyone, welcome to 2017. My names Chris and im new to this.

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