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Clashing Points of View

Why are people so critical? Bear with me in this one because I want to get a point across..

As I scrolled through facebook this morning I read some interesting stories,, and also some interesting comments. I’m a big comment reader because I like to see everyones views. Sometimes it is just disgraceful. I strongly believe in freedom of speech, but people enjoy arguing. It’s ridiculous. 

Regarding an election post people leave comments like…

  • “I’m so happy for Trump, hope you bring America the changes it needs.” Followed by another user saying, ” @user1 f*ck you, the election was rigged, your what’s wrong with the world”. 

…wellll actually I think it’s the other way around. He wasn’t talking to you, user 2. Both views could be posted without confrontation. I don’t understand what gives people the audacity to hate on someone they don’t even know based on their views.

  • Another example would be clashing views of who should stand for the National Anthem. I believe everyone should, but I’m not gonna make a fuss over it. It might be seen as disrespectful, but it does no harm to anyone if you feel the need to sit. The media is going to blow it up though. A big problem in today world.

I’ve seen comments on instagram….Users commenting their view with a picture, then another one of those mean user 2’s, literally stocking them to find something mean to say. Ex.,” @user1 Go hang yourself you ugly b*tch.” 

Now what is the need for someone to ever tell anyone that? People are crazy. Sometimes I get a kick out of it because the things people say are so ignorant, but other times it’s just plain disapointing to see people treat each other that way. 



Hello everyone, welcome to 2017. My names Chris and im new to this.

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