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Man’s Bestfriend

Why is a dog a man’s bestfriend?
Easy, they don’t talk. Words hurt, words point out the truth. People complain with words, and then about words said.A dog just wants to be fed and rubbed every now and then. Thats not too much to ask. If it is, dont get a dog. 
Dogs have feelings and they will show them, but I bet one’s never been pissed off about a treat or a belly rub. 
Im gonna talk a bit about my dog here. Hes not perfect. Ive had him since he was a baby and he has always been treated well. He is a bit sciddish which is a downfall, but it gives me a great perspective. He is cautious. He learns a person before he will trust them. People are often disapointed putting blind trust into things they do not know. 
Ive watched people grab at dogs while they are eating, get snapped at and then show a face of disgust. Do you like someones hands in your food while you eat it?
My dog growls when he hears someone pull up in the driveway, he barks when someone comes in the door. My roomate often complains about this. He tells my dog to shutup. How is the dog supposed to know you texted your friend to come over? Why should he not be alarmed when someone is walking into his home?

Take the blinders off and challenge yourself to see other people’s perspectives. You dont have to agree, but you also dont have to contest anything. ” Everyone has the right to not be offended.”



Hello everyone, welcome to 2017. My names Chris and im new to this.

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