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Thoughts of an Early Bird

Despite showing up to work late this morning I’m in a rather chipper mood. When calling in to say I’d be late I told my coworker that my phone died in my sleep. Yes, I realize how dumb that sounds, but I feel if I say more than it’ll seem more like a lie. Completely truthful though, those damn iphone batteries are horrible. Driving in I tried to think about all of the things that get me through the day, or maybe just things that make me happy so I figured I’d share….

  • First off, cinnamon can do wonders in a milkshake. I learned this on a summer vacation with Ana(my girlfriend) and other various friends who I will talk about quite often. Anyway, we went to a movie tavern which was also a first for us. Movie tavern prices can be a but rich so Ana and I shared a mexican vanilla milkshake. I was puzzled about the mexican part so I asked the waiter. He simply said,” its vanilla with cinnamon and its delicious”. Hmmm..” Seems legit,heres $7″..two words.. Worth it. Very easy to make at home as well.

  • A coffee had to be close enough to the milkshake since it was 8 in the morning. Next is the music. Theres no type of music that I dislike. In the mornings though, aside from ESPN Radio, I listen to christian music. Its peaceful, influential, and lets me know the man upstairs is with me today. 
  • I probably pass by at least 3 cops a day going to work. There is a ton of controversy these days with cops. Id bet Someone who got a 4 over speeding ticket this morning is complaining somewhere… But why,? Because a cop pulled you over and did his job? Im not one to talk too much because I speed EVERYWHERE, but I know the risk I run. That was a light example, but there are other issues. Shootings and such. These are select people and they may have had a reason or they may not have, we never know because the news hypes it up how they want it to be seen.Dont hate cops. People make mistakes. Thats how we are wired. Im proud to know theres people keeping me safe each day.
  • Lastly,make someone smile today. I work at a feed store and finally made it. My first customer needed 2 bags of feed. He tipped me $5 for 2 minute of my time, and to do my job. We need more people like this in the world. Rich or poor it doesnt take money to put a smile on someones face. Just a kind heart.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!



Hello everyone, welcome to 2017. My names Chris and im new to this.

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