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My First Blog: Growing Pains

Hey hey hey, Chris here, I’m new to this so I’ll start with a little background. I’m 20 years old, attending college, living with my bestfriend and girlfriend in a beautiful riverside farmhouse that we just started renting.

So far the new year has brought nothing but new stresses for me. Im not much of a complainer because there is a way to fix anything, annnd things could always be worse no matter what the situation. So heres the problem, I AM BORED OUT OF MY MIND. Believe me, im satisfied with my life and all of what is in it. But Im tired of the same old routines of wakeing up early, going to work, getting off to hangout with friends of which I dont even know are true friends,staying up late doing nothing and then being dead ass tired in the morning again. Ohh, and weekends, you can slow down a bit and not go by in what seems like a few hours. Thats only the weekends im not working though of course.

If your starting your adult life you know exactly what im talking about. Life gets boring. Like I said before though”stay satisfied”, things could be worse. Im new to this so I wanna request a little help here. Leave me some comments, meet me, ask me questions, or tell me something interesting to do in my free time. Ill pick something and give some feedback on it.. Until next time. Have a blesed day everyone. image.jpegHeres a picture of my dog to make this post slightly less boring😅



Hello everyone, welcome to 2017. My names Chris and im new to this.

4 thoughts on “My First Blog: Growing Pains

    1. Some I cant stand to hangout with very long. Some I feel like could act normal one day and talk bad about me the next. Some just have contradicting interests to mine. Its hard to explain. But I keep a small circle of friends also so its somewhat my own fault


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