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My Unexciting Life

This ones going to be pretty short, and probably deleted later.This past week or two has been pretty hectic with life, work, school and LIFE. I’ve had no time to write anything so I’m hoping to get something out later today being that I’m at my weekend desk job…(it sounds fancy,but I just collect money at the gate of an off-road park.

Im without a phone because mine shattered and the backup phone I have doesn’t like me and won’t let me into it…( I know what you’re thinking…It’s not stolen).

My shin got attacked by a forklift step at work this week. Basically, i missed the step when jumping up and now I have two knee caps for the week:) Fortunately, nothing broke, shattered, or killed me like I thought it had for a moment.

Split is a very good movie. The acting is superb and the movie kept me wondering what would happen next. Next I plan to see Patriot’s Day because Mark Wahlberg is a pretty bad dude, probably my favorite actor.

My craving lately has been Jack-in-the-Box. EWW right?! I used to think so too.I LOVE their tacos. I have no clue what the hell they’re made of, but they are a very cheap and delicious snack. Usually I throw in a side of curly fries because they have curly fries.


How was your week? Anything crazy happen? I’d love to hear about it. Have a blessed day world.


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What’s Your Purpose

Here I am with yet another road trip influenced article. I was analyzing different objects on my way home from work with the thought of purpose on my mind. Everything has a purpose, some things have more than others. I was trying to figure out mine and thinking what purpose others might have.

Are you a highway? Does your life feel like it’s moving 90 miles an hour all the time? Do you scramble from place to place,, From work, to school, to your kids daycare, home to put food on the table? Whatever it is, I assure you that’s life. It’s a grind many of us may be apart of in order to create an efficient life. Good things will come. Just keep on truckin.


Are you a dead end? Do you feel lost and not know what to do with your life? Perhaps you can’t find a job or maybe you don’t like the situation you’ve been put in. That’s okay, there is always a new path. The turn around only goes as far as your willing to drive though. Don’t let an obstacle stop where you are headed.

Are you sitting on the shoulder? You go by day in and day out needing attention. Someone will help, but don’t sit around and beg for attention. Don’t post your problems on social media for the world to feel sorry for you. Reach out and find help if it’s what you desire. People have a purpose for that, you’re never alone.

Are you the bridge? Do you keep others on the right path? If you are I have hope that you have the support to hold yourself up. I also praise you because you make a difference on others. Floods will come and try to hold you back, but they don’t last forever.

Are you the sad piece of litter on the side of the road? Guess what… people come along to pick that up. Hang in there. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Your trip isn’t over.

Like many of you,I feel like all of these things sometimes. No matter the case I’m satisfied. They all have a purpose in life. You have a purpose. Maybe you thought this post would tell you what your purpose might be, but that’s no simple question. I hope this brings thought to your mind and serves as a guide to help you take no day for granted. Life is filled with twists and turns, speedbumps and stop lights. Fine your purpose.

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Truth be Told

Last night Ana and I had some heart to heart conversation. Different things here and there about what bothers us about the other. Nothing a relationship shouldn’t have. Just the ugly truth.It kept me up last night thinking was I wrong for anything I said?

You can’t be wrong for being honest. Or can you? Well I’d say no unless your being honest about something you shouldn’t have done. Then it’s somewhat wrong right??

I find our conversation kind of humorous, even though it sounds a bit mean. She asked me things like, would you tell me if I was getting fat?” My answer… ” yeah probably, if it were the truth.” Truth be told I don’t lie. Believe me I would never  just come out and tell a women she’s fat, but I wouldn’t lie to make her feel good. Then she wouldn’t change her ways.She followed up with, ” that’s kind of mean”..”yeah, I guess it is, but I wouldn’t lie to you.” She’s not getting fat, but she now knows if ever become,she’s getting the truth plain and dry.

We can get pretty open sometimes. She asked me if she was a good kisser or something like that, ” I told her I give it a 4″. I was joking of course.. I said, “the best.” She asked,” did you ever tell any of your exes the same thing”…”yeah, probably.” She didn’t like that either.Honestly, I could say she is the best I’ve been with, but at some point I could’ve said it before she came along. Nothing wrong there just being honest. She asked the question so it was fair I give her an honest answer.

Don’t live in the past. Live for today, tomorrow, and the next. You can’t change what happened yesterday. Communicate with others.. And be honest..its not always easy, but if it backfires at least you have some peace of mind.There’s my spill on the truth. It’s only as ugly as you take it.

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About Me

I’m just your ordinary 20 year old college student. Right now I’m studying marketing and business. My interests include sports, fitness, outdoors, movies, and music. I’m a quiet person with a million thoughts flowing through my mind each and every moment. That is what my blog is for. To inspire, motivate, entertain, and to see other people’s perspective of things.The following pictures represent my life and all of what makes me who I am.


Ana and I


Adventures and hobbies



  • Find fame. I don’t want rockstar fame. I just want to be remembered as a person who made a true impact on others.
  • Stay fit, stay healthy, don’t make excuses. Just a thought.. When something gets bad just remember being nailed to a cross must’ve hurt pretty bad too.
  • Speaking of.. Live through the lord. Learn from my mistakes and show others that they can do the same.
  • I want to start travelling. Being 20 and paying rent and other various bills and payments might delay it , but I will trvel the world one day.
  • My dream from age 4 was to play NFL football and buy my mom a log cabin. I failed on my part, but I still fully intend to keep my promise. One day I’m going to build it for her. Fun fact: She’s German and loves log cabins.

Thanks for reading. I tried to keep it somewhat short, so if anyone has questions I’ll be glad to share. Have a blessed day everyone😇

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Weekend Report

I guess many Universities began their Spring semester last week because I got to enjoy reading about everyones thrill for syllabus days..Well, not quite. Everyone dreads the first few days of a new semester. I’ll admit they are boring and manotinous, but the teacher is handing you the golden ticket for passing her class.


Friday night was real eventful. Aside, from a glorious dinner date with my wonderful girlfriend. It consisted of playing madden all night and sharing thoughts on life with my roommate Robert. I wish I could say I had something to take away from this, but there’s not much. If anything it’s to watch your step (He slipped and fell in cowshit). It’s all shits and giggles until someone falls in the stuff.


Saturday afternoon when I woke up,yes I said afternoon, I was determined to get something done, anything.. So I threw my laundry in the washer which provides about 45 minutes of procrastination. It’s been cold and rainy here in Texas so there’s not much anyone wants to do outside. I decided to do a light home workout, followed by about a mile and a half run down our road. The aches and pains of Sunday morning remind me that the hard work pays off. Time to go back to being a workout junkie. I met a pretty girl at the end of my run..It was Ana so no worries. She was headed home from work so she saved me the 1.5 mile run back to the house.

I felt the need to separate Saturday up a bit. Yesterday evening my buddy had his going away party. He’s headed to the U.S. Army. “Cole Harris, proud of you brother, and good luck.” I hope he finds what he’s looking for. We spent much of our childhood finding mischief and the bottom of a bottle. Just a couple kids trying to have fun, and we were good at that. I saw a new Cole last night. He looked happy, maybe a little anxious, but like he’s ready for a new start. He was never the most liked kid in school and isn’t very smart . I asked him why he was going to see if it was for the right reasons. He told me,” I just want to make a difference and start on a new path.”


Following the party we headed home to watch some red-box movies. We got Lights Out which was pretty good. Good enough I think Robert was low-key worried. I noticed an extra light on while he was sleeping later that night. We also watched the new Blair Which Project. Wouldn’t waste your time on this one. It’s bad, and right when you get to that, “It’s sucked for 15 minutes, lets find a new movie”, it got half way descent, until you got so far into it, it was worth seeing the sucky ending. Also note, watched Swiss Army Man Friday night. THE WORST movie I’ve ever seen. It’s completely stupid and I have no idea how it won any movie awards. It is not beautiful, it’s absolute trash.


It’s currently Sunday morning and I’m working an Off-road Park. Kind of a side job of mine. With the Cowboys playing today, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have NFL Sunday Ticket. I’ll for sure be watching from my laptop here at work. Hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend as much as I did mine. Find the right path and see where it takes you.


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Clashing Points of View

Why are people so critical? Bear with me in this one because I want to get a point across..

As I scrolled through facebook this morning I read some interesting stories,, and also some interesting comments. I’m a big comment reader because I like to see everyones views. Sometimes it is just disgraceful. I strongly believe in freedom of speech, but people enjoy arguing. It’s ridiculous. 

Regarding an election post people leave comments like…

  • “I’m so happy for Trump, hope you bring America the changes it needs.” Followed by another user saying, ” @user1 f*ck you, the election was rigged, your what’s wrong with the world”. 

…wellll actually I think it’s the other way around. He wasn’t talking to you, user 2. Both views could be posted without confrontation. I don’t understand what gives people the audacity to hate on someone they don’t even know based on their views.

  • Another example would be clashing views of who should stand for the National Anthem. I believe everyone should, but I’m not gonna make a fuss over it. It might be seen as disrespectful, but it does no harm to anyone if you feel the need to sit. The media is going to blow it up though. A big problem in today world.

I’ve seen comments on instagram….Users commenting their view with a picture, then another one of those mean user 2’s, literally stocking them to find something mean to say. Ex.,” @user1 Go hang yourself you ugly b*tch.” 

Now what is the need for someone to ever tell anyone that? People are crazy. Sometimes I get a kick out of it because the things people say are so ignorant, but other times it’s just plain disapointing to see people treat each other that way. 

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Why Blog?

Over the past week since I started this blog I’ve taken alot of time to read through numerous pages and learning why some other people started blogging. Some said it was their escape from depression, some explain the hardships that come with “adulting”, some just wanna share their life story. All of which are good reads. Enough to inspire me to share what brought me here.

Highschool was a breeze for me. I didn’t study a day of my life and skipped school several times a semester, it didn’t effect my grades at all. I played football and ran track. I was one of those “cool” kids. The worst part is that I knew far too well that I was. I wasn’t stuck up or anything people just looked up to me and I used that as fuel to be “the badass” of little, Paradise High. 

I realize now that people judge you by the image they see of what you have in your life. Not by what is going on in real life. I used to wonder why people liked me because I wasn’t that really nice guy who talked to everybody. I just wanted to do my time at school and go home. In highschool people  liked me because I was athletically talented, i was taking college courses, and I could be friends with anybody. They thought I had it all figured out, and I did too. 

The plan was to go play football and be a star somewhere else. Nope. I was too big for me head, and couldn’t stay healthy. It was a bum ankle, to a pulled groin, to a broken collarbone. One thing after another. It tore me apart. I tried to be on the field hurt or not because football was all I really had. Week 7 of Senior year season would be the last time I played a snap of football. 

I remember senior night. My mom cried like I had never seen her do before. I apolagized to her and my dad priod to walking out. I was in a sling and incapable of playing, although we tried. At that point real life kicked in. I got my first test. I was sick as I walked out of the tunnel, but I knew there would be a plan for me. 

I began Community College about 2 years ago and plan to get my Associate’s Degree following this semester. People who were the best of friends to me I dont even talk to. I recently read an article that showed how people on instagram control what they want others to see, their “perfect” life. No matter what you write, it has a piece of yourself in it. Thats why I like it. It’s realistic.What I’ve learned since beginning college.

  1. Find a way to live your dream everyday.
  2. Set goals and if you fail, simply try harder, don’t make the goal easier.
  3. Live for you, not those around you. They won’t always be there. 
  4. You can’t get by in college without attending or studying. 
  5. Don’t fake a perfect life, live a realistic one. Find a way to make the world a better place.